Milan Fashion Week Show Diary

Milan Fashion Week Show Diary

Last week in Milan I have been invited to some runway show, but I only could made it for three, because I had to fly back to Budapest to start my latest semester. In this post, I would like to share my three favorites from each show. They aren’t worldwide known brands yet, but I think that they have the potential to be known for millions in years. Several brands did the same in the past five years, so hopeful, y they can rock this world as well! Genuinely I have to tell you that I really loved all the fashion shows. It was so much fun and so inspiring. I also had the chance to meet with a lot of people from the fashion industry and had the opportunity to chat with them. As we have talked a bit we had the same exact point of view of fashion week. That was the weather and the diversity. As you know winter is such a hard season to look good and show your feelings through your clothes. Since last season, people started to talk a lot about designers who only works with white models. Yes, it was and it is a huge problem in this industry, but not for this three brands. They had colors and not just the clothes but the models as well. Hopefully, they will be the new trendsetters and every brand will continue this movement. We need more colorful amazing models on runways and in advertisements. Last but not least I really can’t wait to be back in Milan for Men’s fashion week in June.

To this post, I have chosen three of my favorites from each brand. And I have some google drive folders to you with the full photo albums as well.

Pedro Pedro

click HERE for the full album

Milan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs ZsálekMilan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs ZsálekMilan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs Zsálek

Carlos Gil

Click HERE for the full album

Milan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs ZsálekDSC_0670Milan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs Zsálek

Chanel Joan Elkayam

Milan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs ZsálekMilan Fashion Week Show Diary | Balázs Zsálek DSC_0736


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe


My last weekend was crazy! I’ve got an invitation for the S/S 2018 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe. Actually I was super happy, because this was my first time, when I had the opportunity to be there at all the shows. To add a little extra, the team of Je suis Belle and NUBU have invited me too. So I wasn’t just a press, I was the designers guest as well. This post is highlighting to their collections. In case of that, this is a fashion and lifestyle blog, I really don’t want to miss to show you the S/S 18 collection of Zsigmond Dora. She was the only Hungarian designer, who creates items for men only. Most of the designers are unfortunately are designing for women only, so I always melt when I saw Dora’s creations on the runway. I’ve met with so many new people and some of my friends as well. Actually after I knew that they have free macarons upstairs by the bar, you guys, I have to tell you that I was drunk at the first night. Ha-ha, macarons and lychee cocktails are a killer combination!

Please let me show you my favorite outfits from the three designers from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe.

Je Suis Belle

Dalma and Tibor went crazy in last season with a huge kind of Elmo looking red fluffy jumpsuit. I have to tell you that it isn’t easy to step on a higher level after that. But I think they’ve made it! These are my favorites from their Spring / Summer 2018 collection:


Zsigmond Dora Menswear

The collection is inspired by traditional loose trousers and original hand-woven fabrics form the Hungarian villages. If you love resort shows, you will immediately fall in love with her whole brand!



The always classy brand with their unique cuts. Because all of us need classy items but they spice it up by their creativity. As always Judit and Adél have created a classy, young and powerful collection for the warmer weather.


I hope that you like these kind of fashion articles, when I show you my own taken and edited event photos and share a little story of that. And as you might have recognized, this is my first ever Photoshop work. That just took me about one hour with tutorials. Ha-ha!

Budapest Fashion Week

Budapest Fashion Week


We are after a successful fashion day at Budapest. As usual, this season was mainly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. I’ve got invited to 9 runway shows. Luckily all the show was at the same place, so I didn’t have had to kill myself in the traffic jam because I miss any of them. It was so cool to receive this many invitations from brands. Of course, they are Hungarian clothing lines, so they aren’t as well known as the big players, but they truly deserve a day. I’ve met with so many new fashion and business oriented people who I follow thru social media. Actually it was such a long-long day. I’ve took about 1400 pictures about 200 outfits or more. So, I’ll show you my favorites from each brand to let you what they actually looking like from the front raw. Because I’ve got invitation from designers and not from the team, who give the press tickets, I’ve sat on the off camera side. Finally, I’ve could concentrate to my work. The lightning as usually in Hungary wasn’t the best for pictures out of the photographer’s stage. But I hope, you will like them.

PS: Unfortunately, there was only one men designer invited, so boys don’t hate me, buy something for your girl too.



Sármán Nóra




Zsigmond Dóra menswear






Je Suis Belle




USE Unused


Chanel Joan Elkayam

Chanel Joan Elkayam


As in my previous article I’ve promised you, I bring you guys a young and talented girl from London Fashion week. She is Chanel Joan Elkayam, maybe the youngest designer ever in the business. I’ve got invited to her runway show to London at London Fashion Week. It was so much fun. I really love this new collection. Chanel is such a lovely girl, who really pays attention to the audience too. All of us had the opportunity to meet with her after the show for a quick chat. Unfortunately, we had to run to catch our plane after the sow, so we had to miss this opportunity. But I think this trip worth all the minutes of it. Now you have the right to ask me that which one of the outfits were my favorites. You guys, I really can’t decide. I love all. I hardly ever say this, because I’m so picky as hell. Now, I couldn’t found any items that I haven’t fell in love immediately. So here are some pictures, that maybe represent the most of the show. Actually most of the pictures are from Ati, because I was so amateur and forget to switch to auto focus, so most of my works are trashed. Let me know with a comment or a share, if you like it.


Next week I’ll be back with cool outfit posts. Sorry guys, I know you had to wait a lot, but I really don’t want to freeze myself more.

And special thanks for Olympus Hungary to let us try their cameras.


London Fashion Week Press Recap

London Fashion Week Press Recap

video-background-2016-03Last week Ati and I went to London because we’ve got invited for a runway show, that I’ll share with you later this week. After the shows some designer have sent me their full sized pictures from their shows and presentations, that is so cool. Some of my friends from fashion business told me that it is a big deal, because they really don’t send them to anybody. So I’ve decided to share with you some of them.
(Hopefully they will invite me for their men shows in June. I’d die.)
So, eight brand have sent me their pictures and I’ll share with you my top 2 from each. You can find all the full gallery online at too.

We had so much fun, I can’t wait to share more of the fashion week madness later.

First of all let me share with you the official video from London Fashion Week.

Sorry, the size of the first three isn’t full because I’ve lost the original pictures and unfortunately I haven’t saved full size on my hard-drive

Versus Versace


Emilia Wickstead


House of Holland


Markus Lupfer


Antonio Berardi



Erdem London Womenswear Fall Winter 17 London February 2017Erdem London Womenswear Fall Winter 17 London February 2017



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