Pastel colors head-to-toe

Since all the menswear shows have been ended some weeks ago, you can shop all the 2019 spring-summer colors at almost every fast-fashion stores. So I have decided to just pick some random things that match with the color palette of the well-known designers. Genuinely I have to tell you that this was the easiest ride of my life.

I have grabbed the first T-shirt that was fit me. Actually, this is an oversized sand colored one with a little pocket. It also made of thick material. My trousers are having such a wearable color. I hope that somebody will recognize that light pastel pink is really can fit into a man’s life. Sometimes my friends ask me why do I wear espadrilles… Guys, I highly recommend you to buy a comfortable pair of them! They are so easy to wear and you can walk a lot like in an everyday wear pair of shoes. Because the trousers are made of light material you can’t just.  put your things into its pockets because that would look so ridiculous. So, I have grabbed my smallest ever owned bag to put my phone, buttery, and money in it. And this is why I have bought this one back in the days. It is small but clearly so useful.

Pastel colors head-to-toe | Balazs ZsalekPastel colors head-to-toe | Balazs Zsalek

Photo: Mészáros Péter

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