The ultimate dapper accessories shopping guide​

Ties, Cufflinks, Pocket squares… We all struggle when we have to wear a suit or just anything formal. In collaboration with BOWS-N-TIES I made you a dapper accessories shopping guide to help you. Unfortunately, I have lost the whole footage that we have shot for this article so I will write to you longer than usual.

Let’s start with your shirt. I think that dressing up a formal shirt cufflink is the best. You can play with so many colors, textures, and sizes. They absolutely work from a formal day at work up to the highest formal events. Even if you wear a suit and tie. And they are my favorite dapper accessories by the way…

The ultimate dapper accessories shopping guide | Balazs Zsalek

1: Silver and mother of pearl cufflink set
2: Goldbar cufflink set
3: Oval shaped faux turquoise cufflinks
4: Designer cufflinks in rainbow
5: Silver knot cuff links
6: Silver cufflink bars
7: Checkered design cufflinks in silver and black
8: Golf cufflinks in stainless silver
9: Square silver red cufflinks

Ties are also a very important piece of a gentleman’s outfit. If you would like to look so fashionable you can choose from several colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes. They also carry bowties that are so much fun. I think that they are also coming back in fashion. Usually, I don’t wear any tie, but when I have to I like to play with them. Here are some examples:

The ultimate dapper accessories shopping guide | Balazs Zsalek

1: Striped tie in yellow and navy
2: Preppy striped bow tie in red and navy
3: Geometric floral bow tie in blues and reds
4: Designer paisley bow tie in venetian blue
5: British regimental tie in dark green with red gold and blue stripes
6: Imperial red paisley patterned bow tie 
7: Slim cut tie in orange and navy 
8: Blue denim colored skinny paisley tie
9: Vintage mod skinny tie in coffee brown and white
10: Narrow floral tie in cherry red and blue

Sometimes silk scarves or a pocket square could be the secret peace that makes your look to be perfect. My favorites are the minimalistic one. Black, gray, or any pastel color could work. Just depends of the color of your suit and shirt. Just visit BOWS-N-TIES for more! They have several colorful ones as well.  I hope you have liked this post, because I would like to do guides i the future. Previously I havementioned that I will start new topycs on the blog. There are some more to come this year. Stay tuned!



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