The Way I Style Jogging Trousers -tips and tricks-

Joggings are no longer for college kids and couch potatoes. Colors, patterns, and cut have given gym clothes their most stylized looks that lot of us are wearing totally wrong. You probably saw somebody wearing sweatpants with a streetwear pair of shoes and a puffy jacket on the top right? I know that there is also a somewhat perverse benefit to wearing gym clothes to run errands, grocery shop or take your dog to their daily walk around the block. But these days are over. Finally, a lot of designers and fast fashion brands have been stated thinking a bit more fashionable in the gym wear department. They have added so many cool options like stripes, multiple colors, and textures. Today I have gone to this loose-fitting jogging trousers from Zara. They completely try to push this gym wear into the fashion, so I was like why not give it a shot and do something cool of it. I have paired it with shoes that made for running so it won’t look that ridiculous. On the top, I have gone for the basic T-shirt from Levi’s. That is super comfortable and you can wear it for a night out or for a dinner as well. I might show you that as well soon. Because it wasn’t that hot out there, I’ve grabbed a jacket from Tommy Jenas. This color is perfect for lighter, especially white T-shirts. Because it is dark grey it won’t make that much contrast that a black jacket would have done. To bring my wallet and other little things, I have found this little bag also at Zara and put my red bandana on it to give it a highlight.

The Way I Style Jogging Trousers -tips and tricks- Balazs Zsalek

So as you can see, you can make a jogger looking good and yes, joggers are coming back and they will be in fashion. Even if that means 2018 or a longer term. Genuinely I think that most of you ruin this jogger thing when you try to find the perfect one. That is so hard I have to tell you. I have tried on more than 5 when I have found this one. The main key is that it has to be skinny but not too much. The perfect fits are those that have elastic cuffs.


Photo: Farkas Gergely

Shoes , Bag , Bandana , Jogging  –  Zara  /  T-Shirt  –  Levi’s (VanGraaf)  /  Jacket  –  Tommy Jeans (VanGraaf)



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