Milan Fashion Week Diary

Three days at Milan Fashion Week started with a 40 minutes delay and a rainy day. Because there was raining two days out of three in Milan, I wanted to be comfortable and went with really simple outfits since I would be running for shows and tourist attractions. As you saw the show in the last blog post, that you can find if you click HERE. They did such an amazing job. Bendegúz and I had so much fun capturing a lot of amazing street style outfits, that you also find HERE, running to backstage exits (click HERE for the supermodels) and show, that you find HERE.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

If you follow me on Instagram (@balazs_zsalek) you might saw some of these pictures and you will see the others as well, so you are my special group who can saw some of these pictures first. We have visited so many cafés and ate out a lot. Our schedule wasn’t so busy so we had some hours to have some tourist time. I have to tell you that I already in love with Milan. The people, especially while fashion week, are dress to impress. We saw ladies in mini dresses, even it was almost freezing. And please don’t blame me, I wore my winter jacket but I have taken it off for the pictures.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

Of course, we have gone to the famous department store called Rinascente to have some inspirations for upcoming outfit ideas and interior design. They also have a rooftop bar called Maio, where we took this picture:

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

Actually, we have never done this kind of picture, but I think that I have learned a lot in the past month about photography and expressing the creativity that I really love. Hopefully, you can see the change on the site in quality and you will love it as much as I do. To be honest, it is hard to get good closeup photos of me, but I think that times are changing. Because a lot of you have asked that where is this little bag comes from, I have to reveal that this is a Taska bag designed by my lovely friends who are based in Hungary.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

While walking on the streets of this city I have just realized how much architecture made a bigger place in my life. As I have mentioned I love fashion but I do love interior design as well. But genuinely if I just look up to this picture or to the one with Duomo, I can’t imagine that we could even build something so unique and timeless at the time.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

Of course, there were some friends in Milan doing fashion week. Influencers, agents, and models. We have met with Kincső, who already done some major shows. She brought us to this lovely and busy brunch place called Panini Durini. It was love at the first sight. We went back there every day to have avocado toasts. But last day we have tried their sandwiches. I have tried the no.2, that was so tasteful. Because the place was fully packed, we have joined some cool kids who were doing fashion week as well. While we were talking and doing so much social media, a lovely girl made this pencil drawing of my friend Bendegúz. She is so talented, isn’t she? After our daily brunch at Panini Durini (I love you guys, we can’t wait to be back in Milan) we had to run again. So let’s see me running and completely lost in the city.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

After all the shows and fun thing, we have found out that there is a Rick Owens exhibition. in the city. Before leaving to the airport, we went to the museum and had our most memorable exhibition ever. We were speechless… It was amazing to see his favorite creations from his past 20 years in fashion. It was so inspiring and now I would do everything just to be in the front row of any of his shows. He is a genius! If I could recommend you something, just please always try to visit some exhibitions while you are travel. It worth all money. We have spent about one and a half hours inside the exhibition. To me, museums aren’t interesting, but when you can see a soul of somebody that made to clothes and every piece have its own story, that is unbelievable. Here is one picture that was taken by my phone, so please don’t hate me because of the quality.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

And last but not lease a secret and my vlog. If you follow any big fashion influencers on social media, you know that fashion weeks are for crime. I haven’t done anything better than shopping. I already gained some weight, but snacks are life! And of course, if it says that family pack I have to buy that! So I couldn’t come home without a behind the scenes picture.

Milan Fashion Week Diary | Balázs Zsálek

And for closing this Milan Fashion Week Diary, we have made a little vlog. I have recorded some footages in Milan on my cell phone. Right after we have landed, I have asked a friend of mine, who does youtube (you can find his channel HERE) to help me to shoot this video. The conception was that do something similar to Vogue 73 questions but without scripts and knowing anything about my trip.

So please let me introduce you my first ever vlog from Milan Fashion Week (it is in Hungarian by the way)


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