Levi’s Snoopy Sweater with ​Antony​ Morato Sneakers

I felt like I’ve been covering my face a lot with sunglasses recently so I decided to switch it up with a no sunglasses look. When I first saw this Snoopy printed Levi’s sweater at VanGraaf I couldn’t wait to have a photo shoot when I can get my hands on it. I love a good pop of color and for me, that pop of color has recently been red. It would be easy to wear it with black or red jeans, but I went with red. To fit into this snowy, rainy weather that is happening here in Hungary, I wore my brand new love. When I have found this denim jacket I was this I left job immediately because they had the last one in my size at the store. Zippy jackets have been so huge this season in menswear. And this washed black color is working so good with red or white as well. As you guys know, I love denim and this jacket fits me so well and the zips are giving it an effortless vibe. If you ever invest in a denim jacket, biker style is the best I can recommend mainly because they fit so well from skinny to muscle body type. To keep the focus on red, this white and grey pair of shoes from Antony Morato has become the statement for me. These aren’t a basic pair because of the color and how they have used leather to create the python skin vibe. To keep the red theme going we went for a real pastel blue background.


Photo: Gergely Farkas

Jacket and Jeans  –  H&M  /  Pullover  –  Levi’s (VanGraaf)  /  Shoes  –  Antony Morato (VanGraaf)


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