What I Wear On a Warm Winter Afternoon


The downtown is my everyday place to go whether it’s crowded and loud. It’s mainly for shopping, work and having fun. While shopping with my sister between Christmas and new year eve we had a little fight at almost all the stores. The whole shopping street was full of sale hunters like us. For this occasion, I’ve worn this coat from Zara that looks like a knitted pullover. It was almost 15 degrees, so I have decided to wear a T-shirt only underneath. That’s from Tommy Hilfiger, which is available at Van Graaf. The jeans are also from Zara. I really love when designers are doing some strange twist. Now as you can see I was wearing an inside-out styled pair of jeans. How strange it is? As I have mentioned it was so warm in this winter (actually it is colder) I haven’t worn any pullovers. The reason why I haven’t frozen is that this coat was so warm. To me, warm items are the must-haves. I am that person who is cold even in summer. Last but not least my shoes are from Calvin  Klein, available also at Van Graaf. They are so comfortable. Since I am doing this blog I have worn some really uncomfortable shoes for vents, just because they have looked so good. But no more uncomfortable shoes to me! They are warm and comfortable as well.


T-shirt  –  Tommy Hilfiger (VanGraaf)  /  Jeans & Coat  –  Zara  /  Shoes  –  Calvin Klein (VanGraaf)


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