Time Has Gone


Wow! What a year! Hope your week is starting well and you’re enjoying the last days before Christmas. It’s been cold, dark and cloudy most of the days, but I have had to find my sunshine in the darkest days as well. As you know, This is my last year at university. That makes me so stressed. I haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours in a day in the past more than two weeks. Now I have a little break before I travel home to my family for the holidays. Yes, guys, you guess right, this is almost my last post this year. So I would like to do a little recap of this year. But don’t worry, I have some outfit ideas stocked for the following weeks!


If you follow the blog for a longer time, you know that this year was so crazy! We’ve gone to from art gallery to the highest point of the city, from freezing to melting and from Budapest to London. I’ve got many new memories and friends as well. I had the opportunity to work with huge brands and small designers as well. Time flies unbelievably quickly! I cannot believe that it’s almost 2018.
To me, the best in 2017 was that I’ve got more true friends, who like me because who I am. I had to opportunity to attend at London Fashion Week. That was one of my dreams for such a long time. And we have made it! I am super happy that you like my site and always send me super kind e-mails.  That’s why I really love to post you almost every single week. Maybe a blog post is too short to mention all the memories so I would like to continue with some plans for the next year.


If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I will go to Barcelona in January for a creative project with some friends. I am super excited and also looking for high-quality brands who would like to work with us. Then in February, I will go to Milan fashion week. Actually, I am thinking of some new topics to the blog. I would like you to come back more and find articles that you would like to read. It is so hard not to tell you what I have in my mind, but hopefully, you will like that as much as I love to create every new look.


As you see, I have teamed up with Daniel Wellington for a Christmas collaboration. I have worked with the brand this year previously and I truly in love with that watch as well. So I have had the opportunity to show you this amazing watch and cuff as well in this amazing box. This is such a cool Christmas gift idea if you would like to make your boyfriend/girlfriend happy! I was wearing the Classic Petite Melrose in 32mm with the large Classic Cuff. And of course, I have a discount code to you that gives you 15%OFF. Just use „XMASBALAZS” at the checkout! (available only in this month)

Watch  –  Daniel Wellington /  Pullover and Scarf  –  H&M



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