Mediterrian Vibes


Can we all take a moment and admire winter is officially here!? Last week it was snowing in Budapest. I really can’t believe! Genuinely have to tell you that I really not into cold weather or wind. Because I love to explore my city, I have found this amazing location that looks like a part of a Mediterranean city. How cool is this?  Because we are about to go to Barcelona in January, it was the perfect opportunity for some color matching skill improvement. Since I do university I have to dress formally for some events. I have mentioned that to you for several times in older blog post as well. So, next week we have a presentation day when we have to talk front of hundreds of people. That doesn’t scare me at all. But, the clothes that I have to wear does… I have been thinking of ideas and stuff like that. You know, what do I have at home, and admire that I have nothing to wear. By the way, I have tons of clothes but you know how it’s going. After hitting the stores in downtown I come home with a full Zara look. I don’t know why I always ended up there. Haha! I’ve got this slim fit shirt with thin black stripes. Hopefully, I will look taller. That was the main reason for choosing that one. To be formal, I have to wear formal trousers. Luckily they have had it in my size, that is so rare I have to admire. Skinny guys are crazy! After having my shirt and jeans I have found these kinds of velvet shoes with some prints on them. Hopefully, this will be the perfect look for my presentation. Wish me luck!


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