Brown Bomber and Oversized Jeans


Since it is winter I try to dress warm and stylish. Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes I look like an Eskimo. I have found this Hungarian brand called INQ about two years ago. I really love their modern items that are so wearable.  Actually, this bomber is kind of unisex so you can match the style with your girlfriend. It is available in purple as well. As you know me, I love to wear simple items, those material and style are on point. I have paired the INQ bomber with a Calvin Klein T-shirt, that I really wanted to buy for such a long time. Because most of the time I wear black skinny jeans, I have thought that I should try something another. A bit wider one that has to be rolled up. I think it looks good with this outfit but I have to tell you that they are better in summer. It was a bit cold.


Bomber  –  INQ  /  T-shirt  –  Calvin Klein (VanGraaf)  /  Jeans  –  Zara  /  Shoes  –  Reebok (PigShoes)  /  Sunglasses  –  Ray-Ban (PigShoes)


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