Black Turtleneck and Camel Coat


If you are read my blog for a long term you know that I love classy items and hilarious ones as well. Finally, after scrolling down online shops for days, I have found this Hugo Boss turtleneck! This sweater made of soft material and even though it is a turtleneck it’s so easy to throw on.  I have paired it with this awesome colored camel coat from H&M, that I would like to wear every single day, but it’s too cold for that. If you’re going to invest in any kind of coat, I highly suggest it to be a camel coat because you’ll get so many wears out of it! As you can see, I’ve paired it with a turtleneck but it works with shirts and knitted pullovers as well. These jeans might be my obsession. I die for any kind of black jeans. I added a small bag to carry my documents to the university. We have to do a lot of homework… I’ve found this pair of ankle boots last month but I haven’t worn them yet. But it’s almost freezing, so it was a good decision to buy them.


Sweater  –  Hugo Boss (VanGraaf)  /  Coat  –  H&M  /  Jeans  –  Bershka  /  Boots and Bag  –  Zara


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