Brown Suit And Instapump Fury LA


As I mentioned in a previous blog post I really hate to wear suits or any formal outfits. But at the last week, I had to attend a formal event. I was like: „hell no” for the suit thing. After two days of suffering from the fact that I have to wear a suit, I have found a nice way to do it. Before telling you the story, please keep in mind, that if the dress code says formal suit than never ever wear a T-shirt. My dress code was just suiting, so I have had the opportunity to wear it with a T-shirt. Actually, that works for me so good! I haven’t felt weird or uncomfortable. That might be because all the boys have been wearing something strange. And I haven’t mentioned my shoes yet! They are from Reebok instapump collection. The perfect thing for people who just want to jump into their shoes and go. Actually, you better pump some before you go but you already know that.


Photo: Vincze Gábor

Suit  –  Zara  /  T-shirt  –  Calvin Klein  /  Shoes  –  Reebok (PigShoes)  /  Sunglasses  –  Ray-Ban  (PigShoes)


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