Orange Knitted Pullover and Timberland Boots


Although it’s the middle of October the weather is still so good! Last week I was scrolling down on Instagram, looking for some inspiration. Then I’ve found this narrow street in the castle district. Because it’s autumn, I think that the time is here for softer and darker colors. Actually boots are here in this season again, so I could wear Timberlands for the first time ever in my life. They are so soft and easy to wear. As you can see I’ve matched it with a huge oversized orange pullover from the new H&M Studio collection. Personally I think that this color works really good with blond and light brown hair. You should try it if you have similar hair color like me. The deep grey jeans with metal pieces are softening this outfit on the best way. If you’d like to softening the harsh colors, you should try to wear those items with grey or darker grey. But, if you’d like to give the harsh colors some contrast and make the look as strong as possible, then match it with black.


Pullover  –  H&M Studio  /  Jeans  –  Zara  /  Boots  –  Timberland (PigShoes)


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