Feather Vest and Khaki Huarache


I can’t believe summer has already gone! The mornings are cold and every day is a mission impossible to dress up for the actual weather. Today it wasn’t as cold as I’ve expected, so I could wear this real feather Tommy Hilfiger vest with a brand new Nike Huarache. I really love this vest, because it’s so warm and thin in the same time. Maybe I should buy one in black as well! As you know, I love to try so many different shoes… A friend of mine have told me that I better to try this Nike, because it’s so comfortable. I totally agree! It was so soft, like a pillow under my foot.


Photo: Vincze Gábor

Vest  –  Tommy Hilfiger (VanGraaf)  /  Pullover  –  Denim by Nils Sundström (VanGraaf)  /  Jeans  –  Bershka  /  Shoes  –  Nike (PigShoes)  /  Watch  –  Daniel Wellington


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