90’s Yellow And Grey Vibes


This look has the most matching power I’ve ever had on my blog!
Since last winter I go to a coffee shop near to this location for several times in a week and I’ve always been thinking of something really cool. Finally, all the autumn collections are out in fashion stores, so I had the opportunity to show you a 90’s inspired look. Since fashion blogging has turned into style blogging (yes, they are different) it has more fun in it. I mean, who would pair a Nike Air Force with a knitted pullover? But as you can see, it works! Because I love to share strange ideas here, I think that the zip up jeans were such a good idea for this look. Actually the jeans have zips upper as well, those are the lines under the pullover. Personally I think that for people who has light hair and skin grey and yellow are working so good! If you haven’t tried it yet, time is waiting for you!


Pullover  –  H&M  /  Jeans  –  Zara  /  Shoes  –  Nike (PigShoes)


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