Mr. Smith


Sometimes during location hunting I find some really unique places to shoot. Actually this one was so special. It’s a garden of an architectural school in palace district Budapest. This wasn’t the location that I wanted for this outfit, but it was phenomenal in real life, so I’ve switched locations and did this look there. From the title you might know that I was wearing a pair of Stan Smith. I think that this shoes are always fashionable like black. Because it was so mainstream lately I was stressed to buy these. I hate to wear mainstream things. But now, I see just some rocking the city. God bless me, finally I had the chance to have them! Since that day they are my favorites. I was wearing a kind of Greek god printed T-shirt from Hugo Boss with deep grey ripped jacket and jeans. Denim on denim still exist to me.


Shoes  –  Adidas (PigShoes)  /  Jeans  –  Zara  –  /  T-shirt  –  HugoBoss (VanGraaf)  /  Jacket  –  Zara


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