Chinese Vibes x Story Time


Hello September! I hope you’re all doing well! It’s been almost a month since my last lifestyle post and almost two of story time. Especially I’ve created the lifestyle topic for little stories tips and tricks and more. And the story time for my longer thoughts that might be helpful you too.

So I’m back! Time has been rich and busy. I’ve been working like a mad horse, focusing on lot of projects for the blog and Instagram. Which made me realize in fact how much our current connectivity has changed the way we live and behave. Focusing on a movie or even reading a book becomes ways harder. We are so used to do everything so quickly and effectively in the same time. We also have to get information in a second, consuming in one click, even connecting with people is a matter of a swipe now. But we all know that you can’t grow flowers overnight. It takes time, a lot of time.

Actually I’ve been surprised at how fast my blog grew lately. The time I’ve spent between content creating and blogpost sharing is about to pay off. By the way I live blogging because this freedom is priceless. I’m able to share freely at any times. Do I need more? I’ve met with so many of you and that is the part that’s so close to my heart. I love when people sometimes recognize me when I do shopping (even grocery) and say hi and have a little chat. I live for it! However, as much as I try to elevate my content and use the digital tools sometimes I feel so lost. Because all these numbers might be very appealing, but is it really what defines us as creators? That scares me a lot, because as a blogger who has a small audience it’s always a must to have high numbers for collaborations. But I guess I just want to take the time to be as big as I’d like to be and just try to create things, that I truly love and believe in. Actually I’ve did it all the time, but I’ve always been scared about my numbers. But now I don’t care. I know that you love, that we create and if you love it you might share it with your friends. If they love as well that means more to me than millions of people who just says „nah”.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m having such a hard time. I haven’t talked about it to so many people, but I haven’t felt so good for more than a month. After running my chest felt like it was hardly burnt, it was hard to breath and I just felt like hardly powerless. Than I’ve decided it’s time to visit my doctor. He just shocked, sent me to the labor and I’ve had really bad news. I have severe iron deficiency with cardiac arrhythmia. It’s kind of serious. After spending a whole week at six doctor’s office, I could continue my everyday life with lot of medication. Next week I’ll go to the cardiology to have even more exact answers to my issues. Maybe I’ll be as healthy as I’ve never been before. Sometimes positivity is the only key to do it right!


Photo: Tanai Ati

Bomber  –  Alpha Industries (Van Graaf)  / T-shirt  –   Zara  /  Jeans  –  H&M  /  Socks  –  Moschino  /  Slippers  –  Adidas adilette (Pigshoes)


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