Sky Blue Trousers and White Reebok


When you have meetings, school and brunch on a same day and you have to be dressed up for both of them, it’s such a hard work. That morning I was like, you know, I’ll pick one item for each of my activities today and I’ll try to create something good. I’ve picked this black really oversized T-shirt with white stripes for brunch. My sky blue trousers are for meeting, where it isn’t a bad thing to be casual. These comfy reeboks are for school, because I have to run every single day. Honestly I spend too much time on YouTube… Surprisingly the three items are kinda matching. This is that I really love. Start from no idea, and ending with something good.


Photo: Tanai Ati

T-shirt  and  Trousers  –  Zara  /  Shoes  –  Reebok (PigShoes)


4 thoughts on “Sky Blue Trousers and White Reebok

  1. The sky blue trousers are what what definitely stands out in that outfit. I love when trendsetters are taking risks with their outfits and go outside the box because experimenting with your style always pay off


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