Midsummer Thoughts

balazs-zsalek-midsummer-thoughts.1It’s around the half of the summer holiday already. How fast the days are flying! I have to tell you, that I haven’t been this deep in my planning mood for a long time. Actually I’ve jumped into the real estate business really quickly. I really love this job and my colleges too. The atmosphere at the office is so warm welcoming. They teach and help me every single day to be the best.  I’ve also started to contacting with luxury and less known brands to do some high quality editorials for you. Hopefully I could show you the pieces that I love the most. It’s so interesting and hard in the same time to do two full time job in the same time. But I think both of them are worth every single minute. I have less time to do the blog, even though I’ve had only one post weekly.

 I have tons of plans for the next almost two moth of this summer. For example, an abroad trip and a new topic on the blog. I can’t tell you the details, but it would be crazy. I’ll bring you to amazing cities and I’ll try some secret things too.

 And finally, we are working on a brand new own designed template, that you might be able to buy for your own blog. Hopefully…  The main direction is a perfect minimalistic design with well-planned details.


How’s your summer going?

Photo: Tanai Ati

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