Silver Lion


Lately I’ve started to wear watches and bracelets to bring something new into my everyday looks. Actually it gives a really good and high level vibe to your daily basis as well. I feel myself a bit more confident because of the silver vibe. Tell me, I’m crazy. I really love how the silver threads are crossing each other and the little Lion heads on both ends. Of course, the packaging is showing you that the actual item is such a high quality one. I hardly every keep the boxes of any of my things, but I’ll keep it for sure!


This bracelet is actually a silver Braided Leo Cuff Bracelet from Atolyestone London. I really love this new member of my collection. It’s really easy to apply. The light silvers are so comfortable to wear. I remember when I was around 10 and got my first ever silver bracelet. That was as soft as this one. Because it is silver, it could last for such a long time if you avoid to contacting with any damaging chemicals. Of course, you have to take care of your bracelet too. You can easily polish any silver jewelries by using a lint-free cloth.


Actually this item is on sale just for €136 It’s a really good price for a unique silver jewelry.

I’d like to say a lot of thanks to Atolyestone London for the collaboration!

I highly recommend to both of the genders to have a look at their site HERE because they have lot of good products!


Photo: Sopronyi Anna

Bracelet  –  Atolyestone London  /  Jumper  –  H&M

Link for the exact same one: Leo Bracelet

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