Green And White Office Look


Recently I’ve had such a crazy period in my life. I’ve been searching for a formal job to do beside my blog and passed tons of exams too. I’ve started to pushing myself to do sports every single day to have the body that I’ve always wanted to have. Great news, that now I’m working in the real estate business, so if you have a home for sale or you are looking for some to buy, don’t miss the opportunity to contact me. Some of you have asked that what’s now? Not a big new, that I will continue the blog and try harder to show you even more quality looks from more brands from fast fashion to the high fashion.

By the way this look is one of my office looks, that I really wanted to share with you. I’m so excited!

As you can see, I was wearing white espadrilles from H&M with white ripped jeans and green’n’white striped shirt from Zara. About two weeks ago I’ve got this amazing watch from Daniel Wellington. Genuinely I have to tell you, that I wear the watch every single day. I love it so much. It even dresses my office wear too. I wish you a productive and fun week!

Of course, I have a discount code to every Daniel Wellington items. Just use code „ZSALEK” for 15% off from your checkout.

PS: My eyes were burned out of the sun haha.


Photo: Tanai Ati

Shirt & Jeans  –  Zara  /  Shoes  –  H&M  /  Watch  –  Daniel Wellington

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