Summer Hike



Finally, today the heat was lower outside so we had perfect time for a little hike. This year I’ve decided that I’ll do some sports every week. It was the best idea. You won’t believe, but my hike location is actually just 5 minutes from the downtown area. Crazy right? I was wearing an about 3 size bigger T-shirt, because why not for a hike? That was so comfortable for the first time. Your might won’t see these jeans again because I’ve made a wardrobe cleaning and it’s so old so it won’t fit into my everyday life. Unfortunately, it was my favorite pair of jeans. I don’t know that have I ever mentioned that my 2nd favorite color is blue. This is why I’ve chosen this blue baby from Herschel. All of my thing could fit in, even a laptop. For keeping me hydrated I really don’t want to bring huge bottles of water. In this case I’ve asked my friend at up to style for a cool advice. They have 2 sizes for this dope bottles called “memo bottle”. I haven’t seen this like this before so it was a brand new thing for me too. Do you like hiking by the way?


Photo: Tanai Ati

T-shirt – H&M / Jeans – Bershka / Shoes – Zara / Backpack – Herschel Supply / Bottles – Memobottle


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