Okinawa Shirt


Last week I was searching for location on Instagram and found this amazing one. This is out of town so we had to travel a bit, but truly worth the hours. Because I’ve got a formal job, I was wondering that how can I spice up a formal outfit. So here we go! I love the print and the Okinawa sign on the back of the neck-piece of the shirt. That gives the outfit a young vibe, because sometimes formal wear is giving 5 extra years to your actual that is not so good. As you can see, you just need something in your outfit the isn’t so usual. I was wearing a leather slip on that was so comfortable in the heat too. And of course black jeans, because it was a formal outfit. My sunglasses are unusual too, because for every day looks I wear a sharp edged one. Yes, it’s dirty a bit. It was a huge wind that made it always dirty after I’ve cleaned it.


Photo: Tatai Ati

Sunglasses  –  ZeroUV  /  Shirt  –  Zara  /  Jeans  –  H&M  /  Shoes  –  Zara

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