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Everybody needs a day off! Tons of us are struggle of everyday madness, like school/work, time optimalisation and money saving. But who could think of these problems for 24/7? I think nobody… It’s so unhealthy. So lot some month before I’ve decided to be active 6 days in a week and have a complete day off. No work, no crazy things, just stay at home and do literary nothing, just thinking of new ideas and watching YouTube. This is actually my day off and I’d like to show you what do I wear when I don’t leave the house.


Last week at my day off, I’ve been searching on the internet for memes and cool online shops as always. I’ve found a cool south Italian shop called Brancacci store. They sell luxury underwear, swimwear and many more items for men and women.

Let me introduce you my boys their uomo section! So as I’ve mentioned they have cool underwear, socks, swim shorts, T-shirts, beach towels, bags and flip-flops. You better check out their site!


So, at home I always like to wear my most comfortable clothes. As you can see I wear black at home too. I’m such an Adams family member… I think to be able to relax and turn your mind off you have to wear cool stuff, I mean comfortable and a bit oversized, because who the hell would wear skinny jeans and shirt even at home too? Personally my favorites are socks and quality underwear for chilling with pullover and sweatpants.

Don’t forget that a day off is bringing your next week to another level.


Photo: Kiss Attila

Socks and Underwear  –  Moschino (Brancacci)  /  Pullover and Sweatpants  –  H&M

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