Can’t Believe We Made It!


After almost a year of blogging the time is here to start a brand new chapter of the life of my blog! I’ve created my blog to inspire you with my outfits and show you some events where I’ve got invited. I’ve been thinking a lot that how can I step to the next level. And the time is here. I’ve bought my first ever domain so the site is officially a dot come one! I’ll start a lifestyle category on the site too. It would contain everything like cafe reviews, brunch days, skincare and many more. The idea come from you, because I’ve got lot of direct messages on my Instagram (there are 19k of you) about to start this category, because you’d like to read more. So, here we go, the first lifestyle post will be coming soon! The second think, that you’ve asked, to make vlogs! You know what, I’ll start that too soon! By the way, just go up to the menu and click YouTube for my videos 😉


Last but not least I’d like to say lot of thank you for you guys, because it’s so good to see that you love what we do every single week for almost a year. In case the good weather is about to arrive to Hungary I’ll try to share more outfit posts with more brands and start the lifestyle category too… Around May or June I’ll start to shoot my first vlogs ever, but it might come earlier if I’d have more free time beside university. 😉


Photo: Bokros Dorottya

Coat  –  H&M Studio  /  Shirt  –  Ralph Lauren  /  Short & Shoes  –  Zara


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