Speckled Denim Jacked and H&M Studio


Even though the sun is shining sometimes we have to wear a jacket too. Last week I’ve decided to break up with my black addiction and wear something another for every day too. The reason is easy; I’ve just started to feel like I’m the member of the Adams family. Few weeks before H&M just launched their new Studio collection that I couldn’t miss. So I’ve purchased this dope item with laces. It looks really dope when you walk fast or it’s a bit windy out there. Actually it doesn’t look so comfortable, but it is. The material is so soft and you can play with the laces too. Just be creative. The jeans jacket with white patches gives the black more darkness because of the contrast. You know, jeans jacket never run out of style, so it’s a clever idea to have as many from other styles as possible. Last but not least I wear one of my most comfortable pair of shoes from fast fashion store. If you’ve ever bought shoes from fast fashion stores you know that it is really hard to find any pairs that aren’t kill your feet for three times in a row.


Photo: Bokros Dorottya

Jacket  –  Zara  /  Top  –  H&M Studio  /  Jeans  –  Bershka  /  Shoes  –  H&M


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