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Budapest Fashion Week


We are after a successful fashion day at Budapest. As usual, this season was mainly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. I’ve got invited to 9 runway shows. Luckily all the show was at the same place, so I didn’t have had to kill myself in the traffic jam because I miss any of them. It was so cool to receive this many invitations from brands. Of course, they are Hungarian clothing lines, so they aren’t as well known as the big players, but they truly deserve a day. I’ve met with so many new fashion and business oriented people who I follow thru social media. Actually it was such a long-long day. I’ve took about 1400 pictures about 200 outfits or more. So, I’ll show you my favorites from each brand to let you what they actually looking like from the front raw. Because I’ve got invitation from designers and not from the team, who give the press tickets, I’ve sat on the off camera side. Finally, I’ve could concentrate to my work. The lightning as usually in Hungary wasn’t the best for pictures out of the photographer’s stage. But I hope, you will like them.

PS: Unfortunately, there was only one men designer invited, so boys don’t hate me, buy something for your girl too.



Sármán Nóra




Zsigmond Dóra menswear






Je Suis Belle




USE Unused


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