Leisure Shirt with White Jeans


Actually it’s almost feels like real spring at Budapest. The sun is shining and it’s around 20˚C outside. After school, I’ve decided to show you my look, because it could work quite good to anybody. Most of the time I wear a pair of black shoes with jeans. This was the basic of my outfit today too. I know, it’s white, you have to take care with all of your steps, but personally I think that worth it. Weeks before I’ve bought this blindingly white Armani pullover, because I haven’t found it in black. But, I have to tell you, that might be a good decision, because I have too many black clothes at the time. It’s so comfortable and made of light material. This is really important, because none of us would like to melt into any kind of clothes during the day. It was a bit windy, so I had to wear a bit more clothes, than I was planning to. I’ve found this colorful shirt from Review jeans in my wardrobe. It was a cool idea to put it on almost a full white outfit. Actually this shirt has saved my white pullover from my daily coffee… (I always feed my clothes with some coffee) As I’ve mentioned that, it was quite windy and I couldn’t deal with my hair even if it’s shorter now. So, I had to wear a cap. Actually the only one that I have is white and from Hilfiger. Such a random combination. I hope you had such a good time and this amazing weather would continue during the whole year.


Photo: Dorottya Bokros

Shoes  –  Zara  /  Jeans  –  H&M  /  Pullover  –  Armani (VG)  /  Shirt  –  Review jeans (VG) /  Cap  –  Tommy Hilfiger (VG)

*items with (VG) are available at Van Graaf stores


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