Black & White Stripes


Before I fly to London for London Fashion Week, I wanted to share with you a spring outfit, even if it’s winter here. Most of us can’t deal with shirts, so I’ve tried to make a simple outfit for grey weekdays. Because fashion is changing but style is forever, you have to find your style before. So, here is an idea. Minimal outfit with only two colors. The special things are the style of the items. After long years, I think that only slim fit styled shirts are fits me the best. I think most boys are in the same shoes like me, so maybe I haven’t told you anything new with this fact. If you are skinny or bony, slim fit is the perfect style for you. Because I don’t want to wear a really formal outfit, I’ve decided to try this diagonally cut white jeans, because it’s so unusual. I haven’t seen anybody who had the same jeans yet. In case the shirt is black and white and I like to keep my everyday outfit as simple as possible, then why not to wear just a black and white outfit for a day? I have to tell you, that my newest love is this high top shoes that looks so similar like the „tubular”. And don’t be so surprised, but they were the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. See you next week, from London!

PS: I have a white V-neck T-shirt under the shirt because it was so cold. It’s from Bershka.


Photo: Zsolt White

Outfit: Zara

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