Art Gallery


Fashion is art! So we’ve managed to visit Ludwig Museum instead of freeze our butt again. Because fashion is a form of art, we couldn’t miss to set up a photoshoot at the museum and use art as a background. I’ve decided to wear denim with denim. Personally I love denim and leather jacket so it was a pretty comfortable decision. With rolled up ripped jeans and an elegant pair of shoes this outfit is quite good for a gallery visit. I also decided to wear an oversized and really comfortable T-shirt too. The minimalist artworks were the best to inspire us to use them for a background. They made my outfit a bit stronger than it would be on an outside picture. We had such a great time there and I can’t wait to have a major comeback with outside photos next week! Also we had such a cool instagram live story, so feel free to follow me on instagram too.


Photo: Tanai Ati

T-Shirt  –  Review (available at VanGraaf) /  Jacket, Jeans & Shoes  –  H&M


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