Trendy Minimalism


This week I moved street style into a building. Fashion is for everybody, but I can’t deal with the strong winter times. In case, we moved inside, we had ways more time to shoot this outfit. As you see, I’ve decided to wear a minimalist outfit in a minimalist building. Now you could ask why, but my answer is easy. I always try to show ideas and not some crazy deep inspirations, but don’t worry, in the future I will do those outfits too.

So, I’ve found this T-shirt with carnation last week. This T-shirt is my true love. In men’s fashion this item is the most have with jeans. You might have seen some similar jeans that I have, but maybe you haven’t recognized that these aren’t normal length ones. There are jeans those are shorter than usually, just for shoes… All of us know, that in 2016 was all about bombers. So, why not to bring them to 2017? This light green one is thicker than the normal ones, so it’s perfect if you always drive in winter and you just have to run from your car to the stores entry.

Last but not least, I tried to show you a really basic every day look, which looks good on every boy. A good T-shirt with jeans spiced up with a bomber and of course, the most comfortable pair of shoes that you have at home.


Photo: Tanai Ati

Shoes  –  Polo Ralph Lauren  /  Bomber  –  Tommy Hilfiger (available at VanGraaf)
Jeans  –  Asos  /  T-shirt  –  H&M


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