Christmas Klein in the Fog


Finally, it’s Christmas, so we’ve decided to shoot an outfit for you. Me and my family are always on the road in Christmas. We visit my grandparent’s cousins and family friends. This means that I have to wear something cool but not too formal. Actually I haven’t dressed for the weather. (it’s -4°C outside) But I’ve decided to use the old black jeans and white T-shirt combination that never gets too old to be in style. I really wanted a camel coat for years, but I’ve found the perfect one just now. It’s so soft and warm too. Even it’s freezing outside, it isn’t cold as hell in the first 5 minutes. My favorite item today are my shoes. These are so comfortable and stylish on the formal way. As you can see, a formal shoes and a coat are able to turn your street style outfit into a smart casual one. We’ve photographed by the Japanese garden in the huge fog. I highly recommend you to visit this place, because it’s so cool in winter too.


Photo: Tanai Ati

Coat  –  Zara  /  T-shirt  –  Calvin Klein  /  Jeans  –  H&M  /  Shoes  –  Zara


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