Giveaway in partnership with Nakturnal – Closed –


Be the one of two, who wins 100$ that you can spend on one of the coolest website ever, with designer goods… Christmas is almost here, so in the partnership with Nakturnal with a prize of an East Dane gift certificate, you can buy tons of new things for you or your family members too. You don’t have to wait hours. You can chill at home, drink your favorite coffee or tea and enjoy your Christmas gift from us. There would be 2 winners. Each of you will get a coupon code which is 100$ that you can spend on East Dane’s site. To  enter the giveaway please leave a positive comment under this post. You just have to scroll down. Please don’t forget to type your correct e-mail address, because the winners will get a mail from us including the 100$ code! Of course, your e-mail address never made public, so you won’t get mails from any fake accounts! Comment section is open for everybody, but if not, feel free to text me here, and I’ll resolve the problem as fast as I can and I’ll text you back, if everything is ok. We will use a program to choose the winners, so it will be as random as it even possible. You can play with your siblings, lover, family or your pet too. Feel free to share the link with more people! Who doesn’t want a 100$ gift? If there would be lot of players, I’ll try to surprise you with more giveaways in the future! Before the checkout please check that you spent all the money, because under 100$ you might have to pay for the shipping. In some countries you have to pay taxes or any tariffs even if you won the price, but most of the countries where you read my blog from, that’s free! I cross my fingers for you guys, let’s play!

open until 27th of November central European time

They have from sport wear to the most elegant everything with tons of brands, so don’t freak out when you can’t choose between the thousands of products.

(First of all, they have designers from every price range, so if you just would like to save some money you can play too.)

Some of my favorites from men’s & gift sections:
(all the items were available when I’ve wrote the arcticle)
There are tons of more styles and types there too. To be casual at the winter, don’t forget to check the men’s button downs too! There are lot of cool shirts from funky to elegant. Also you can cut 50% Off Men’s too because they have hilarious sales. You know, what it means? Save and buy more!

To enter the giveaway,  leave a positive comment down below!


Shoes – Soludos
T-shirt – Calvin Klein Jeans
Jeans –  Earnest Sewn
Pullover – Cheap Monday
Jeans jacket – Calvin Klein Jeans
Socks – Kenzo


Bag – Flight 001
Tumbler – MiiR
Headphones – Marshall
Pac-Men – East Dane Gifts
Rick Owens Fashion book – Taschen
Candle – A.P.C.



32 thoughts on “Giveaway in partnership with Nakturnal – Closed –

  1. Angolul, nem biztos, hogy menne, viszont kihagyhatatlan alkalom, így ha nem baj kommentelek így. Új vagyok a blogodon, és pasisnak tűnik elsőre, de a fekete kávéspohárnál és a pac-mannél már megnyertél, és egyebként is ez egy szép nap és mindjárt itt van karácsony, szóval csak pozitívak lehetünk…és már tuti feltünt, hogy fogalmam sincs mit kelle ide írni, de nagyon szeretnék nyerni 😀


  2. So I’m also new, I fall in love with your blog. Your pictures are amazing .
    The outfit posts are very helpful and they give inspirations to everyone.


  3. Hey!
    I love the blog and your pics on instagram, they give me ideas for everyday clothing. Also xmas is coming, so just want to buy lit things even for my family. Wish you the best!


  4. Balázs mindig olvasom a blogod és imádom is, de ezt te is tudod! Remélem nem fogsz felhagyni vele egy idő után se, mert szerintem nagyon sok embernek segitesz és sokakat inspirálsz!😊 Szóval hajrá-hajrá!!!


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