Red stripes


As usually, I wear something another than other people does. It’s a bit warmer today, so I’m back to T-shirt from the coats. Last week, I’ve found this trouser with red stripes. I really wanted to buy some, because I have only one in my wardrobe. Then, after watching the Balmain show three times, I’ve decided to buy some T-shirt too, but of course an affordable version. I went to Zara and found it. In my opinion, an elegant shoe could match with almost every outfit, you just have to find the way. And as you can see, it works! So, I’ve rolled up my trousers, put my biggest sunglasses on and rocked the city.


It was so funny, to meet with you guys! I love when people recognize me, or asks, who am I… I’ve never shared random pictures, like these, but I think that I will, because it makes my posts closer to the reality.



Photo: Molnár Babett

Outfit  –  Zara


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