Last week I was scrolling down on my Facebook timeline, when I saw that Dora has a new collection. -Cool kids alert! -Than I’ve opened her online shop (click HERE for that) and found this cool rosewood embroidered bomber jacket. This is for boys, who can take care of their stuff, because it’s fully velvet that we know, needs special care.


I really love that this is a coolkids style made of traditional materials, that every boy could rock. I love the embroidered shoulders so much. Have you ever thought that this traditional embellishments, like embroidery could be cool in the 2016? Maybe you haven’t but it’s cool as hell! Last, but not least the long black tapes are giving this jacket some soaring feeling. When we were shooting this post, the wind was blowing and this types started their own life. I tried to control them but after some minutes, I’ve decided to let them live their life and show some movements on the pictures.


If you go to ZSIGMOND DORA menswear on Facebook (or click HERE), you can read the whole background story of this collection, so I put one of my favorite sentence here.

„The AW16 collection of ZSIGMOND DORA menswear was inspired by the escape of the designer’s great-grandmother from Yugoslavia to Hungary. „

My grandparents are living in a little village. I remember, when my grandmother was embroidered, knitted or crocheted. It’s so chic to see those old memories are coming back. Dora started to bringing these traditional Hungarian handworks back in fashion.


Photo: Szivos Sándor

Special thanks for this amazing bomber for ZSIGMOND DORA menswear (buy HERE)

Hat  –  Zara /  Sweater  –  Moschino /  Jeans  –  Zara /  Shoes  –  Zara


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