Story time x about the blog


Hello, this post won’t be a regular one. It’s time to have a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and have your blanket around you. As you might know, I’ve started this blog in June on my birthday. But we have never talked yet. I only showed you my outfits and the events where I’ve been. So, I’ve decided to write you a long-long post. Just because, here I can truly tell you why I’ve started blogging and some behind stories.

About the blog

You might not know, but I had a blog before this one. In my high school years, I’ve started a blog just because that’s fun and people are earning tons of money with it. -Hahaha, you naive kid! – Thinking back, I wasn’t ready to that at all. I didn’t know anything about lightroom or photoshop, online marketing and some crazy stuff that bloggers have to deal with every single day. So, I was running that blog for over a year and a half. Then, I’ve decided to delete the whole. The reason of deleting is so easy. I had only 100-300 views on a month. The pictures mainly were taken with a cellphone. As you could imagine that was ways to far from professional one. From that moment, when I’ve deleted the old one I started thinking about the new. I opened google and started to do a long research. Like where to start. How to do it by your own. That was a crazy year. Than the time was there. I had 1 month until my birthday. Lot of people told me that I have to start a blog. One week before my birthday, I started to creating my site. I was like: „Now or never. It’s my 20th birthday, so everything is possible.” That was true. After almost 3month I have thousands of you guys, who make my day after every single post. Thank you for your support, your comments, your likes and your helps in direct messages too. I love you guys! You might see, that I learn a lot and try to improve myself from post to post. I hope that you will love my site!


Story time!

Because it’s mainly a street style blog, we are shooting outside of the studio. That’s always funny and sometimes a huge suck too. Now, it’s summer. As you see I like to wear more that people wear in 30degrees. So I’m melting as hell. Usually we shoot 3-4 outfits in one day. That could be only 1,5 hour or 4 too. We have to deal with people and traffic. That’s sometimes dangerous. Last time we took crazy good pictures but the last outfit took about 1 hour to photograph because of the huge traffic and tons of people. It’s hard to shoot without these little frustrating things, but these are giving lot of energies too to be better. Weeks before we were catched by a huge rain after the picture that you see now. And of course I got some hilarious comments on streets while shooting like, „can I take a picture with you, you will be famous” or „you are a cute boy, you are cute, you really are”. These people are so funny. I can’t ignore them, because they are too crazy and funny for that. Sometimes you catch me and tell me that you are my follower. That’s the one which melts my heart. Actually it happened with me at Sziget festival too. If you want to start a blog, I highly recommend you, because it’s so much fun. But before that, learn a lot about this world too. Thank you for all of you, who are reading my blog. Thank you for your support, your likes, shares and comments. I’ll be back next week with a new outfit post 😉

H&M outfit

Photo: Molnár Babett


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