As long as I know my mind, I always loved comfy and oversized clothes. Not just because of skinny jeans sometimes melting together with my skin and hard to take them off. –sometimes the whole process takes 5 minutes- More because I love when the wind gives them life. In the same time, I hate windy weather, because my hair starts his own life, that I can’t deal with. Of course, I’ve found the newest opportunity to match with something big. From weeks, the liberty bridge is closed from any transportation, so we had the whole bridge like a background. But, -I hate because there’s always a “but”- it’s full of with young adults like me, having picnic drinking beer or whatever. So we woke up early and started shooting at 7 in the morning. But there were some hyperactive sporty people doing their morning workout there. You guys, these shoes are comfortable as hell! I have to tell you, that the bridge inspired me in the colors. So I’ve dressed to be liberty. The shorts and the T-shirt are oversized that I’ve tried to compare with a regular sized jacket and a basic shoe to keep this look on a wearable way. If you haven’t tried some fully oversized outfit, you have to!

(Sorry for my hair, he started a new life in the wind.)

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Photo: Molnár Babett

Jacket  –  Zara /  T-shirt  –  H&M /  Short  –  H&M /  Shoes  –  Zara

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