Patchy bomber


Los Angeles inspired me again. I see tons of celebrities wearing oversized T-shirt and bomber even it’s 100degrees outside. I don’t know how they aren’t die, or what does their secret is. It’s so hot, I was melting. But I have to say it looks crazy good. I’ve found this patchy bomber and patchy’n’cropped jeans weeks before. I couldn’t leave there any of them. As you might know, my favorite color is black, but I love the red inside material of the bomber. It’s like when girls wearing some sexy underwear. It gives you some secret power. I have to tell you guys, that most of the times, I wear skinny jeans, but now it was so cool to wear a straight and oversized one. Sometimes we have to try some new cool stuff to stay inspired and maybe that will look cool too.


Photo: Molnár Babett

Bomber  –  Zara /  T-Shirt  –  H&M /  Jeans  –  Zara /  Shoes  –  Zara


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