Khaki Overall


Boys, have you ever tried any overalls? When I’ve found this in Zara, I wanted to try this immediately. I never had any khaki color in my closet, so I had one more reason to buy this. Now you can ask me that why I wear any overalls. The answer is so easy: nobody wears it. Anyway, you guys, have to try this. It’s really comfy, and stylish too. And of course, it’s easy to wear. you just need a T-shirt, if you aren’t muscle like me, and a pair of shoes. Easier than an all-black outfit. The material is so stretchy on the upper side, and durable on the short side. I think it was one sizes, or only small and medium –I don’t remember exactly- but because of the cool material combination it’s good for skinny and muscle boys too. It’s time to try some new goods!


Photo: Márton Bettina

Sunglasses  –  Zara /  T-Shirt  –  H&M /  Overall  –  Zara /  Shoes  –  H&M


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