Black panther


As most of the kids, my favorite color is black too. I think, I wear black too much times than I should to. Years before, I loved tons of colors, like blue and printed materials, but times are changing. Some of my friends has asked me that does any of my family member died, or what happened? Than I’ve realized, that I wear too much black, so I bought this hat. Little color makes black such a happy color. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that red sneakers, that I’ve been looking for. And this is my first bomber ever. I have to say, that I love it! Isn’t heavy, isn’t warm, perfect for cloudy, windy weather. Have you seen the background? I love this huge marble wall. When I saw that, it screamed for my black outfit. If you blackaholic like me, wear some colors, like hats, shoes or bag. These accessories make the black more pop. Or wear black, if you can’t decide what to wear. Black is always a good decision and always in trend too. Have fun!


Photo: Márton Bettina

Shoes  –  Nike /  Jeans  –  Bershka /  T-Shirt  –  H&M /  Bomber  –  H&M /  Hat  –  H&M


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