Pastel rooftop


Am I cool enough? This was my main question for long years, every single morning. And now, I’ve decided to try some cool kids outfit, because, I’ve always felt like, that I’m not cool enough for any girls. Now, watching these pictures, the only problem that I see, is just my body type. So I just have to get in shape. -huh- But I have to say, that I crazy loved this shooting. I felt like, that I’m cool, and I can do every think that I want to. It showed me that, you just have to feel confident and you can nail all your pictures. Usually, I wear black or white, so this was a cool opportunity too to try some colors. And of course, the hat, that I’ve never ever wore. But, times are changing, so I couldn’t have missed to try it. And I loved!







Photo: Márton Bettina

Hat – H&M /  Vest – Zara /  Bermuda – Zara



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