KREA fashion show 2016

Last week me and my friends went to the KREA schools diploma fashion show. It named „Fashion in Motion”. I was so excited after the Mod’ Art show to see this too. I took my dslr with me, to make you an album of all the outfits. We saw nine capsule collections and a short movie. (I haven’t recorded the short movie because of the copyrights.) –The short movie called “LES JEUX SONT FAITH” designed by Lukács Bianka. So, here are my no.1 of every collections with some pieces of descriptions that the students wrote about their collections and some of my thoughts too.

-Sorry, but I forgot to check my camera before the show has started, so the first pictures, are kinda dark. I couldn’t have made it shinier without decreasing the quality. –

1: “FLOW”

Designers: Belovai Bettina, Hegedűs Bernadett, Kőszegi Júlia, Németh Bernadett, Perrin Júlia, Tóth Brigitta, Varga Viktória

This collection is designed by the second and third year students, in style of Marni.



Designer: Wolner Zsófia

It’s in full harmony. I really love the way, she using fur. I wish, she will design for men too.


3: “City Light” – “dog days are over”

Designer: Szűcs Áron Tamás

The inspiration of this collection is the big city life. It shows us, that the border between men and women clothing are so narrow. He tries to create some bit more unisex clothing, that almost all of us can wear. I love the boy’s outfits, and finally, we could see some skin too 😉



Designer: Weisz Gabriella

The main ways are the 70’s and the asymmetric lines. I got it, but I think with more colors, it could be mind-blowing.


5: “Back together”

Designer: Illés Dorottya

Girl, I love it! With the small fabrics, that she put on the clothes and the down V line. Perfection!


6: “GHARB”

Designer: Wimmer Orsolya

She got her inspiration from the Arabic world. The basic is the rethinking of “caftan”. These outfits are giving me the Asian, especially Japanese feeling. You know, the secret fighters, whose clothes are looks so heavy and so long.


7: “UN/Blocking”

Designer: Gelák Adrián Benjámin

The inspiration comes from the architecture, from the shadows, to the fixed lines. I love that leather jacket and the long-back shirt.



Designer: Wagensommer Gabriella

This collection is showing us the future. 2025, the 3rd World War. After this, it will be crazy cold, and we will be hungry as hell. After 100years of the War, the utopian communities will try to live together with Mother Earth.


9: “SOCKS”

Designers: Gulyás Barbara, Nyeste Laura

Minimalism and Art. Minimalism and printed clothes and colors in one collection. Do we need any more? I absolutely love all the pieces of it.


All the pictures are took by me.


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