Mod’Art 2016

At this week I went to the Mod’Art International Hungary diploma show, with my friend Orazio. The event was at the Budapest Music Center. I was so excited to see the newest generations collections. All of the students, had to design 5 outfits, shoes and accessories included.

Some days before the show, I’ve seen that some of my friends will walking on the runway too. Than I’ve decided, that I will bring my dslr, and if we can find a good place to sit, -especially front row- I’ll take as many pictures as I can. But, unfortunately, those chairs were reserved for the parents and family members of the students, as I’ve expected. Never mind, we found some free seats at the 4th line. At that moment I’ve decided that, I’ll chill, and watch my friends while they are working. Most of the times, when I go to any fashion shows I’m behind my camera, and can’t catch the whole feeling. So I’ve decided to use my phone, and take one of my longest snapchat mystory with data, and made 2 short videos of my absolute favorites. I’ve been looking for something shocking and extreme on the show, and I absolutely got that.

(Sorry for the quality, I’ve made it with my iPhone)

Let’s see the videos about my 2 favorites.

Click to the youtube signs!


The first video is about LYAVATH collection

This collection gives me the feeling of something about horse sport. But absolutely on the high fashion way with massive squad and couple goals too. I love the colors, the materials and the fits. If you watch the video, you can see that, the second couple are wearing real painting on their back. I need that! (Can I steel all the boy’s outfits?)



The second video is about ABIGAIL WIRTH collection

Gosh, my heart! I’m obsessed with these outfits! This girl is crazy on the most fashionable and unique way. She used everything, which show real high fashion –I think that we can call this couture too-. I can’t find words. She doesn’t afraid to use huge paintings and masks, shiny and painted materials with lot of extras. (I watched the video more than 20 times, and still can’t believe, that it was in Hungary)



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